Dispositif de partenariat avec les Suds

IRN SOUTH : Swot Calval for Hydrology Laboratory (SCaHyLab)

Département Océans, climat et ressources (DEPARTEMENT OCEANS)

Pays : Niger, Madagascar, Inde, Colombie, Congo, Brésil, Guyane française

Région : Afrique de l'Ouest et Centrale, Afrique de l'Est, Afrique australe et Océan Indien, Asie, Amérique Latine et Caraïbes

Année de création : 2019

Fin de soutien IRD : 2022

Objectifs scientifiques et projet de recherche

Water monitoring is a basic need of human kind, equally shared by all societies. Now, satellites offer a brilliant complement to the traditional in‐situ monitoring, rapidly and dramatically decreasing worldwide. IRD has been involved over a decade in collaborating with researchers in Southern (developing and emerging) countries to promote the study of the continental water cycle using space born information. Among the technologies so available, satellite altimetry has offered since the mid‐90’s a continuous monitoring of water level in particular in the large tropical watersheds. This technology will experience a dramatic improvement in the 2020’s with the launch of the CNES/NASA SWOT mission in October 2021, the biggest scientific project of these agencies in Earth Observation for the decade. It will provide a full coverage of all the water bodies on Earth at the 100m spatial resolution and twice a month of temporal resolution. Because it will rely on a breakthrough technology (wide swath SAR Interferometry in Ka band) the mission will need an extensive calibration and validation (CalVal) program. On the French side, this task is devoted to IRD owing to its historical know‐how in hydrology and its ability to conduct projects in the Tropical Band, where the largest rivers flow. All the teams participating to the GDRI are already involved in this key phase of the SWOT mission through their responsibility on managing “SWOT Gold Sites” where intense CalVal activities are to be conducted from now to the post‐launch phase, in 2022. The fact that Southern teams are involved in the preparation of one the major scientific satellite mission is of primarily importance to increase their visibility in the scientific community, a great opportunity for their students to join this community and an opportunity for the teams and Laboratories to propose better services to their national water management institutions. Today, IRD is the “meeting point” of these Southern teams, spread around the word. The purpose of the SCaHylab GDRI is to give these teams an opportunity to build their own network for long term South‐South and South‐Intermediate collaboration, to share expertise and skills, and moreover, to share students and trainings in view of co‐publications.

Unités IRD impliquées

1R23400 : GET

5R06500 : LEGOS

Institutions membres

UFMG : Universidade federale de Minas Gerais

UNAL : Universidad nacional de Colombia

UNIKIN : Université de Kinshasa

IIT Roorkee : Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

UNISTRA : Université de Strasbourg

UEA : Universidade do estado do Amazonas

UFRGS : Universidade federal do Rio Grande do Sul

UNB : Universidade de Brasilia

UA : Université d'Antananarivo

CPRM : Companhia de pesquisa de recursos minerais

Nom officiel Type de partenariat Pays
Companhia de pesquisa de recursos minerais Institution membre Sud Brésil
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee Institution membre Sud Inde
Universidad nacional de Colombia Institution membre Sud Colombie
Universidade de Brasilia Institution membre Sud Brésil
Universidade do estado do Amazonas Institution membre Sud Brésil
Universidade federal do Rio Grande do Sul Institution membre Sud Brésil
Universidade federale de Minas Gerais Institution membre Sud Brésil
Université d'Antananarivo Institution membre Sud Madagascar
Université de Kinshasa Institution membre Sud République démocratique du Congo
Université de Strasbourg Institution membre Nord France
Centre national d'études spatiales Partenaire lié France
Centre national de la recherche scientifique - France Partenaire lié France
Institut de recherche pour le développement Partenaire lié France
Institut de recherche pour le développement Partenaire lié France
Université Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier Partenaire lié France
Université de Guyane Partenaire lié Guyane française
Université de Montpellier Partenaire lié France
Code IRD Sigle Implication
1R23400 GET Porteuses secondaires
5R06500 LEGOS Porteuses principales